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Posted On: 12/15/2018

Merry Christmas Brunch

What a excellent job the Forest Cove property team and the Resource team did in providing the Forest Cove community a wonderful holiday brunch. The menu was well thought out, music was nice and the service ran in harmony. Nice way to start the holidays. Thank you.
By: Susan Crocker   
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Posted On: 1/16/2018

Forest cove

I called in to have maintenance come check my sink, and when I did the staff was really polite and helpful. Most of all Kia was very patient and hands on about the situation. Maintence came immedetly came and fixed it, just like she promised. I loved how attentive she was even though it was supper busy, she made it her priority to handle it right away.
By: Megbar   
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Posted On: 2/28/2017

Ms Teresa

I wanted to express my gratitude to Ms Teresa for the professionalism she exhibits whenever I have inquires regarding my residency. She always has a smile and a positive word. She's the best.....keep her here! Thanks -Susan C
By: Susan Crocker     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 1/27/2017

Just moved in

Reina Morales works very hard to do right by prospective tenants. When I had issues with staff, she jumped in and was very professional and helpful. Even after move in, she has followed up with me to ensure all is good. Maintenance issues are addressed promptly and professionally as well. I feel confident that this is going to be a great landlord/tenant relationship.
By: Judy     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 7/1/2016

Just Awesome

I visited banyan bay, I sat down with no hope, they blessed me with a new roof over my head at a reasonable price, the staff is very pleasant, I suggest you see Wendy she understood my situation and got me my keys in less than 3 weeks. I was surprised to see here reach out via email and call. This is the type of customer service you do not see in the world anymore. On top of it all it is a guaranteed roof over your head and I'm loving it, no complaints, the unit was clean and you know it's hard to find reasonable and affordable living in Atlanta. Please take the time out your day to stop by the office and they will be more than happy to help you.
By: Mr. Jones   
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Posted On: 6/16/2016

Thank you

Thank you so much for the quick repairs. The maintenance guy was fast, nice and efficient. I really appreciate you guys.
By: Tanya Deanne Montez     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 4/30/2016

Resident Breakfast

I love that fact that you all are doing things for this community and showing appreciation to your residents. I just wish I was able to participate in alot of these events. The times tend to always be inconvient....Wonderful ideas though
By: Michelle Scruggs     Verified Resident
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Hi Michelle I do apologize for the last response i do try my best to respond to everyone. I try to change up the times. I also try to send out email blast to try to let everyone know when we plan things hoping that it helps everyone at least make it out to some of the events. We are having SunO Desserts out this Saturday May 14, 2016 from 2pm to 4 pm. I hope you can make it out! I am trying to do things during the week also now that it stays lighter longer. Lets see how it goes. Thanks so much for your response. Thanks for being a great resident!

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